Mickey Mouse Rounder: First Step – Tracing

For my first attempt at leathercrafting, I wanted to pick a design with simple and clean lines.  Something that would have the challenge of cutting curves, and playing with depth, but not too much challenge (I hoped).    So I went with a classic:

First, I printed out the design, and then I traced it with my spiffy light box.

The next step is tracing the pattern onto a piece of leather.   I’m using a “rounder” which is just a round piece of leather about the size of a drink coaster.  A few of them came in my starter kit.

To start tracing a pattern, you first “case” the leather. You do this by wetting the leather with a sponge so that it will take an imprint cleanly.  Then you go over the lines of the pattern with ball point pen, or the stylus end (aka, the pointy end) of a modeling tool.

After tracing:

There are a couple of lines missing – like his tail, and the lines of his shoes, which I plan to add with the swivel knife when I start cutting.

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